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Back 2 Back Sessions Vol 4 : Shortee & OriginBIKINI WAX
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Battle/DJ Tools Record
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"This battle record makes me wanna battle again!!!"
6x World Champion: 3x Solo DMC World Champion / 2x Team DMC World Champion / 1x ITF World Champion

"A brilliant unisex battle multiweapon for use in all terrains. Battle routines, scratch practice, smart wordcuts - Bikini Wax provides the perfect arsenal for each and every mood. En garde!"
10x European Champion / 5x World Champion: 2x Solo Scratching ITF World Champion ('04/'05) / 2x Team ITF World Champion ('03/'04) / 1x ITF World Advancement Champion ('04) / *Only DJ to win 3 World-Titles in one night!

"Guy or girl, you're a straight up loser if you don't own doubles of Bikini Wax! A must have for any bedroom or battle DJ."
DMC USA Supremacy Champion / Gong DJ Battle World Champion

"In a market so flooded with copy-cats, Bikini Wax stands out as one of the most original scratch records in a minute. This record is so dope, i'm considering taking estrogen pills so i can start battling as a woman! No man stands a chance battling a female with this record. Those disses are vicious!"
4x DMC USA finalist / '02 WSTC world champion / Procussions DJ


"Not only for women for sure, check this kickin'ass crunkalicious beat if u doubt!"
2006 DMC World Champion


"Bikini Wax is probably one of the smartest battle tools invented covering all the specific needs of a scratch DJ. After a few uses, this tool may highly replace my trustee record…Sorry 'Scratchy Seal', you’re going to have to make some room!”
Founder of Females Wit Funk

"These girls seriously did their homework! Aside from being the first of it's kind, this is the most well rounded break record i've heard in years. It has tons of killer stuff for everyone & I feel bad for the poor person that gets dissed with this record!"
Man Or Myth - 1st Turntablist Album in History

"I heard that getting a bikini wax hurts like hell. But if you really really want to hurt your opponents at the DJ battles, then cop yourself doubles of Shortee & Step1's BIKINI WAX. The disses are crazy, the beats are funky dope, and it'll definitely leave all these wack DJs a crucial rash after you're done with them. CHURCH!"
2x DMC USA Supremacy Finalist / Trooperz Crew / Sound Smugglers Production / TurntablistNetwork.com

“Yo, this record is fire! Samples are fresh, beats are gangsta...Shortee & Step1 are really takin this shit to the next level!”
DJ Quik Summer Tour '06 / Lady Soveriegn New Years '07

“It's good to come across a record that is daring enough to add new samples and disses. The beats are real dope, and I just love the skipless scratch parts, too. This record is HOT! This record is like the deodorant, built for a woman, but strong enough for a man! Everyone should get at least 2, for realz!”
2006 USA DMC Supremacy Champion / 2007 Gong DJ Battle World Champion (*USED BIKINI WAX IN WINNING GONG BATTLE ROUTINE!)

"Being from what crew I'm associated with, who I'm down with and what generation I come from, I'm real picky when it comes to "Battle" or "Scratch" records. After listening and trying out "Bikini Wax", I must say I'm really impressed; it made me actually want to start practicing again. If I was ever to even go back into the battle circuit, I sure wouldn't want this record to be used against me....LOL. Props to Shortee & Step1 for making a good all-purpose record tool. Y'all get the Golf Claps!"
- RHETTMATIC - Beat Junkies / Visionaries
2x ITF World Team Champion (1997 & 98) / 1996 DMC West Coast Champion / 1997 DMC USA Finalist
www.myspace.com/rhettmatic / www.myspace.com/beatjunkies / www.myspace.com/visionaries / www.uber.com/rhettmatic

"LAB EXCLUSIVO! Shortee's DJ 101 & 202 DVDs have been top sellers ever since we started carrying them a few years ago. This is only the 2nd break album produced by the famed scratch DJ, but it's the FIRST break record produced exclusively by female DJs, as Shortee works alongside her girl Step 1. As far as the construction of the breaks on here goes, the whole thing is pretty solid. Not so many frills and gimmicks, just pure DJ tools. A whole a array of perfectly mastered disses, mini breaks for juggling and four wholesome breaks lace both sides for those "deep" sessions. Gotta give it up on the pH balance quote, "Strong enough for a man, made for a woman," and the flip of the Dr. Zoggs Sex Wax can. Check out the samples and step your game up dudes..."

“Props to Shortee and Step1 for putting together a 'complete' battle record. This one has everything you need, from skipless tracks, to disses, to hot beats, to tones, to new samples...this one's got a little bit of everything. Here's a tip: buy 2 copies & put together some clever 'wordplay' for your next battle. There's a lot of in-your-face battle material on this one!”
2003 USA DMC Champion / 2003 DMC World Runner-Up / Creator of the Live Remix Project
www.djenferno.com / www.liveremixproject.com

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! What a killer collection of disses, samples, and beats! My boyfriend Tony Skratchere said, "Damn, you better not use those on me!" As a female battle dj, this is gold to me! Shortee & Step1 killed it for sure!"
Females Wit Funk


DJ Shortee
(Urban Assault, How2DJ, Females Wit Funk) and DJ Step1 (Females Wit Funk) bring you BIKINI WAX, the first battle record produced exclusively by female DJs: a collector’s item and instant classic. Strong enough for a man but made for a woman, this is a must-have tool for both female and male turntablists worldwide.

BIKINI WAXboasts quality beats, locked grooves, skipless drums, skipless scratch sounds, and a skipless tone. The two-minute scratch sentence – engineered at 100 BPM – is packed with original and classic samples that all DJs will love to cut. The extensive collection of hard-hitting, unique battle phrases guarantees that turntablists can throw strong punches in competitions. Shortee and Step1 have assembled a wide variety of material… not just the same recycled samples found on most battle records. From the beginner who wants classic scratch sounds to the advanced DJ who needs disses, skipless tools, and dope beats for juggle and scratch routines, BIKINI WAX covers all the bases. An indispensable record for battling, practice, and production, this ground-breaking project has garnered attention on a global level.

DJ Shortee is recognized as “queen of the scratch world” by DJ TIMES magazine. Her career is highlighted by an unparalleled series of firsts: she is the first & only female ‘World Class Power Mixer’ ever on Power 106 FM (LA), the first female to produce an instructional DJ DVD series, the first female to release a turntablist album, and the first female DJ endorsed by Shure and Rane. Shortee’s skills earned her a spot as the only female DJ featured in Doug Pray's historic documentary SCRATCH (Palm Pictures). She is also a head professor at the Scratch DJ Academy, co-founded by RUN DMC's Jam Master Jay.

DJ Step1 is a veteran of hip-hop who has impressed audiences with her acclaimed old-school mix CD Back in the Day. In 2005, she became the first and only mixtape battle champion on KDAY Radio (LA), and she has produced scratch choruses for numerous hip-hop artists. For over twenty years, Step1 has been immersed in hip-hop. She was the professor of a course called Writing about Hip-Hop at Florida State University, and she published a web site about the history of hip-hop culture in 2001.




1. AHHHHHH / UH – Skipless Sounds
2. FRESH / YEAAH – Skipless Sounds
3. COMIN’ ATCHA / WHOA – Skipless Sounds
4. HAIRY DISCO BUSH – Skipless Beat (66 BPM / 90 BPM) *Locked
5. COLD DOGGIN’ THE WAX – Scratch Sentence (100 BPM)
6. TIME TO GET NASTY – Battle Phrases
7. HELLO A**HOLE – Battle Phrases
8. TWINKLE OF A B*TCH – Battle Phrases
10. THE SPHYNX – Beat (105 BPM)


1. AAAYOOO / YEAAHHH – Skipless Sounds
3. UH HUH / NOW YA KNOW – Skipless Sounds
4. HARD WAX KIT – Skipless Drums (100 BPM)
5. THE RIPPER – Skipless Beat (66 BPM / 90 BPM) *Locked
6. WE’LL SMOKE THAT A** – Crew Battle Phrases
7. 2 MINUTE BROTHA – Battle Phrases
9. NOW WHO’S LAUGHIN’ – Battle Phrases
10. YOU GONNA LOSE – Battle Phrases
11. HIT ‘EM WIT’ THIS – Beat (98 BPM)
12. WAX THAT BOOTY – Beat (115 BPM)
13. BOX CUTTERS – Long Scratch Sounds
14. LANDING STRIP – Skipless Tone *Locked

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